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What Sets Us Apart

Quality Assurance

Every product undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure freshness and nutritional value


We are committed to eco-friendly farming practices that preserve the environment and promote biodiversity.

"Organically grown vegetables flourishing in our farm, showcasing nature's bounty and sustainable farming practices."

Global Reach

OMSWASTIKEXPORTS operates on an international scale, reaching customers across borders with our premium agricultural offerings.

our team

This is us

Behind every shipment is a team of dedicated individuals passionate about bringing the best of nature to your doorstep. Our skilled farmers, logistics experts, and customer service professionals work in harmony to make it all possible.

Thank you for choosing [OMSWASTIK EXPORTS] as your trusted partner in experiencing the goodness of organic and fresh produce. Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

"Our CEO and Founder, leading with vision and expertise towards success."
Geet Aroraa


With a deep understanding of agriculture and a commitment to quality, Geet Aroraa brings invaluable expertise to OMSWASTIK EXPORTS. His vision drives our mission to deliver premium Indian products worldwide.

our team
Garvit Chauhan

Co- Founder

Hailing from a farming background, Garvit Chauhan is passionate about showcasing the richness of Indian agriculture to the global market. His innovative approach and attention to detail are reflected in every aspect of our operations.

our CMO of the company is standing
Mr Shubh Kakkar

CMO of the company

Meet the visionary leader driving our company's marketing initiatives to new heights. With his wealth of experience and unparalleled expertise, Mr Shubh kakkar brings a dynamic approach to our marketing strategies, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in today's ever-evolving market landscape.

No secret ingredient, just plants.

It's all about protein, fat and flavour. Nature did its part.

Place holder

"Juicy oranges arranged in a vibrant display, showcasing their bright color and freshness."
our farm

Our Mission

Our Mission

Founded on a passion for quality and sustainability,OMSWASTIK EXPORTS has deep roots in the agricultural landscape. Our journey began with a vision to connect people worldwide with the pure goodness of nature.

At OMSWASTIK EXPORTS, our mission is to cultivate, harvest, and deliver the finest organic produce, promoting a healthier lifestyle and supporting sustainable agriculture practices.

Our Roots

Our Mission

Our Certifications

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The future begins on your plate. It's time to take action.

Welcome to OM SWASTIK EXPORTS, where we bring the freshness of nature to your table. As a dedicated exporter of organic and fresh produce, we take pride in providing a wholesome range of vegetables, fruits, and Buddha rice.

"Freshly harvested vegetables straight from the farm, showcasing vibrant colors and wholesome goodness."
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